Tuesday, 15 August 2017

At Lodgings in Lyme (Oliver & Jack #2) by Christina E. Pilz



Oliver and Jack are on the run, leaving London for Lyme Regis. We follow their Journey in book two.  We see another side to Oliver, as Jack gets ill.  Oliver finds help in the form of a House Keeper at a Stately home.  She calls the local doctor to treat Jack.  But this also means Oliver is obliged to work to pay the doctors Bills.    So, this time tables are turned for a while at least.  And Oliver finds himself doing anything he needs to do, to ensure Jack gets the care he needs.   This of course does not bode well with Jack who believes he is the stronger, wiser guy, though he does appreciate what Oliver has done to ensure he recovers.

Oliver’s perfect picture of his mother is shattered and That makes Oliver determined to get Jack to find his family.  Of course, Jack refuses to budge on the subject.

I really like the way the author changed the Characters dynamics temporary without changing the character in total.  She has managed to show, we will do anything and everything for the ones we love.
As with the first book.  The story stays true to the original Oliver and Jack (Dodger), you really do feel like you are continuing the boys journey through life. 
You also get a vivid feel of the world back at the time the story takes place.  You are absorbed into the story world.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Quinn's Destiny (A Companion's Tale #1) by Emily Jean


This story is a cleverly woven with three main characters being Quinn A being created by warlocks, Desmond a warlock and Ralph a vampire prince.
Quinn is the central character, known as a warlock companion, created just a year ago to help the warlocks get the upper hand in the war that has been raging between warlocks and vampires. All seems straight, forward right?
It should have been, but fate has other ideas. A chain of events starts when Quinn’s warlock master is killed by Ralphs vampire brother. This sets Ralph on a mission to find Quinn, to see how his brother was killed.
When Ralph catches up with Quinn and takes him prisoner to question him. There is an instant attraction between them, a pull to each other.
Then the creator of Quinn comes after him and takes him back to Warlock territory. Where Quinn finds out he is not just a standard companion, He also has the same kind of pull toward Desmond his maker.
Quinn is caught between the two men, who are on opposite sides. Can they work a way for them to live together, can they find a solution? All this is happening in a bitter war that rages on around them.

The story is about trust, understanding and adjusting and hopefully finding common ground. The book paints a vivid story with three very different characters that weave a complicated life ahead.

The story is an exciting read, nicely paced and vivid descriptions.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Perfect Timing by Aimee Brissay


I really enjoyable read that has a little romance, a little mystery, a lot of paranormal and a little humor, and some fighting as you'd expect in a paranormal book. So put it another way it is a paranormal, mystery, romantic thriller. It certainly has you on the edge of your seat in parts and all gooey in other parts. You will be wanting to read just one more page .... and just one more and so on.

Valentin is a vampire on the run from other vampires, after he witnessed his coven being wiped out and his sire poisoned. He knows his time is numbered, on top of that he drank his Sires blood to see who killed him. The blood has poisoned his system and he is slowly losing his powers.

Shawn is a were-cat Jaguar, that has left his pride (pack) when he meets Valentin in a bar. something attracts him to the Vampire. and he instantly feels protective of the vampire. And so the story starts when three powerful vampires turn up and attack them. Succeeding in escaping we are off on a adventure and chase across Europe.

I loved Shawn's protective nature of Valentin, Both characters are well rounded but with Valentin 's health slowing failing it is up to Shawn to look out for him. But Valentin is taken before Shawn can get his head around being fated to a vampire. He has to figure out a way to save his mate before it is too late. 

The story is nicely paced and the world is presented to us vividly. I felt the atmosphere around the characters and the fear they were in.

An exciting read for any Paranormal book lover

Monday, 31 July 2017

Wrestling With Desire By D.H. Star


The author of this book is new to me, so I did not know what to expect. I am so pleased that I took a chance on this book. It is not quite like the typical coming of age /coming out story.
Both characters are strong mentally and well balanced. They are so different in how they deal with their emotions and yet so compatible. Neither is stronger or weaker than the other mentally and emotionally, which is a nice change from the typical Jock meets Nerd/Geek. They are both technically Jocks.
The story is about their meeting and navigating their new love and life in general. Derick finds it difficult to express his emotions in words. And Scot is good at expressing his emotions and at reading Scots emotions.
The Story is so well written, and delves into the character’s thoughts and emotions so well, you kind of see the world through them. The author has done a fantastic job of showing us the pressure and challenges young people have to deal with in today’s world.
Although based around Wrestling, you do not need to be a wrestling expert or even a fan of wrestling to enjoy the book. 
You may think that this book may be gloomy from what I have written but you would be so wrong. The author manages to keep the story warm and light most of the time. It is one of those books you will not want to put down once you start reading. 
I am having withdrawal symptoms waiting for book to to be re-edited and released.

Goodreads    Amazon links to follow 

once the book is re-released

Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Master Will Appear by L.A. Witt



This book was a fantastic read. A story of a young man that has constantly been mentally battered by his family. At first, Ryan comes across as an arrogant young man. But when he meets Misha at a fencing club, he is soon put in his place on the piste. After realizing he is not that good at fencing he asks Misha to teach him how to fence. There is a lot of tension and battles between them, but the sexual tension builds. Eventually, they give in to their mutual desires. This is where Ryan finds things out about himself. Like he feels at home on his knees in front of Misha. And Misha also learns things about Ryan, such as his messed up background, his down to earth attitude and determination to make his own way in life, even with a trust fund. There are rocky moments between the two of them, misunderstandings.

I have given this book 5stars because it is so well written, and shows BDSM as real and not just someone's fantasy come true. Loved both characters but Ryan just amazes me with his attitude to life and how he copes with his broken family. And how Misha gives him the courage to take control of his life.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Fagin's Boy (Oliver & Jack #1) by Christina E. Pilz

I Thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Oliver and Jack (Dodger) When the author asked for arc reviewers, I just had to offer. I love period drama's, I love Oliver Twist (who does not?) and I love gritty stories. And I am happy to say the author delivered them all. The story is well written and I felt as though I was there at Oliver's side. We first see Oliver living a good life, and he often turns a blind eye to those who are in the position he was once in. Not because he is ashamed and uncaring but because he is trying so hard to forget his past. But with Jack back on the scene and His Employer/ Master's disregard and meanness to an orphan's life. Something breaks in Oliver's mind and he stands up to his Master. And this sets off a series of events that lead to Oliver being back where he was on the streets as a thief. The good news is he and Jack become close and eventually get it on. But events force them to run from London..... And so I wait for book two lol.

So well written and the time period and characters are well portrayed. Great read.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Endings and Beginnings (Collars and Cuffs) by K.C. Wells, Parker Williams


A wonderful and fitting end to the Collars and Cuffs Series.

Having read the whole series. Endings and Beginnings, has to be one of my top three from the series. I had no idea what to expect. The plot is cleverly tying (no pun intended) the characters new and old that suffered at the hands of Curtis Rogers. I really enjoyed the mix of some really funny humour as well as the emotional elements of the story. Even better we get to see two guys starting their journey as a Dom and Sub. JJ started working at the club not knowing what to expect but what he finds instead is honest and caring men who act as a family and protect each other. 

Darren briefly, featured in Trusting Thomas, in a very powerful and emotional scene between Thomas and his Boy Peter. Darren has always been a leader in his hair salon, but something awakened when he witnessed the scene between Thomas and Peter. Something that kept knawing away in his mind.

Both Darran and JJ realise fairly early on their journey that it is the bond, a strong and powerful connection between Dom and Sub. That is what they both need and have been looking for.

We also get to see all the familiar faces as many of the stories end. Pietro and Miles finally set up home together, Jarod and Eli say good by to Manchester to set up their own BDSM club in London. Scott and Ben get married. And Alex leaves the restaurant to put his degree to good use in Marketing.

A really enjoyable read, Like the whole series. The series shows that BDSM relationships are not just about power and control, but there is trust, love, need and loyalty as well as protectiveness between the couples.

KC Wells and Parker Williams have outdone themselves with the final chapter in the C&C series. 
I know I will re-read this series many times in the future. Just to reconnect with the wonderful characters.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Professor Blood (Ironwrought #2) by Anna Wineheart


This is the second book in Anna Wineheart  Ironwrought Vampire series.   I really enjoyed the first book, and this one was to me even more enjoyable.  I love the love hate relationship between Quinn a 200-year-old vampire and a young student that also hunts and kills vampires.
Quinn does not drink from humans, not since he accidently drained and killed his sister.  Quinn is a scientist and his ambition is to finally find a way of making a fake blood substance that will feed vampires as good as human blood does.
Branden’s parents were killed by vampires, and ever since he has been on a mission to kill all vampires and save the humans.
They really should not be attracted to each other, putting themselves in danger of other.  But we all know that if there is an instant attraction there is nothing we can do to stop fate happening.
Branden soon learns that Quinn is not like most vampires and is fighting a all mighty internal battle to keep to no human feeding.  But Branden cannot accept that he has feelings for Quinn and even informs the FBI about Quinn’s friends Seb and Oriel, Oriel’s blood is very addictive to vampires and puts them in a frenzy haze, The FBI wants Oriel’s blood to use as a weapon against vampires.
Branden realises after finding out that the FBI have caught Quinn, and have stolen Oriels blood that there is something very wrong going on, and that he actually is falling in love with his Vampire.  But has he realised in time to save Quinn and his friends.

A very well written paranormal / romance / thriller.  That is exciting to read as the tension builds and builds as you read the book.  As with the first book Forbidden Blood,  The characters are real and easy to connect and relate to them.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Forbidden Blood (Ironwrought #1) by Anna Wineheart



Oriel's blood is addictive to Vampires. The authorities want his blood to wipe out the Vampires. Poor Oriel is on the run from both. And hides in a garage. Only to find out that Seb the owner of the house is a Vampire. They slowly learn to trust one another but not fully. Seb vows to protect him. But they are caught up by the Feds Can they save each other,

This book is an exciting read, with a will they won't they turn on each other and will Oriel be caught by the Feds or Vampire coven leader.

Well written and nicely paced with good believable characters

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Raising Rachel By Jason Collins



The book starts when the two main characters meet by coincidence at a coffee shop. Kyle is a school teacher and out of practice on the dating scene. Brad is the co owner of a fitness gym, Who is in over his head looking after his 17 year old niece while her mother is in rehab. There's is an instant attraction between them. And things progress quickly.

Rachel takes a liking to Kyle and bonds with him when she finds out he has suffered at the hands of his mother too. But one mis calculation by Kyle threatens everything.

The book also deals with a Troubled teenager, who is a little off the rails, though Kyle knows that the real Rachel is still there and needs nurturing to break free from all her problems and abusive mother.

Thee underlying theme for me is that Family and parents are not always those who bring you into this world. But those who love us, Those who accept us as we are, and those who believe in us, even when we are at our darkest.

Now you may think that this book is too dark and deep. But Jason has managed to keep the story light and often funny, without marginalizing Rachel's problems.

A warm romance which is a pleasure to read.

Your Alpha My Mate (The Lonestar Chronicles Book 1) by Rachel Ravenheart


I found this book enjoyable, seeing Jamie overcome abusive parents and fellow pack members. To find happiness and acceptance in a new pack, who embrace him as their own. What follows is a pack attack from Jamie’s old pack who want him to return home as they are ashamed of him because they believe he can not shift into his wolf form. But he is hiding the fact that he's in fact a special white wolf, that is much stronger than a normal wolf. The reason he is hiding his true wolf is because he is constantly being abused and accused of undermining his alpha, and if they saw his white wolf they would cause him even more hurt.
So when he is embraced by his new pack they think it is an honour to have a white wolf as part of their pack.
Overall an enjoyable read, though feels a little fast paced in places, that may be more to do with the book being aimed at the Young adult market.

Worth reading and leaves you with a smile, when he gets his revenge.

The Red Sun Rises Box Set

A fantastic series, full of action, love, humour.   I loved every page of this series.  My favorite character is Corbijn,  Erins (not boyfriend!).  
Although the story is set in a modern world, you really get a feeling of the mystical world within the real world.   Very descriptive writing.   The characters are real and really do compliment each other perfectly.  We have snazzy dressed vampire Corbijn,  We have the cool logical Erin. leading the gang from Magic/ Vampire wars, to investigations to diplomatic missions.   And all three novels are tied up nicely in a surprising way, but you will just have to buy the books to find out how.  The author certainly put the characters through their paces, and there were heartaches along the way.  I heard a rumor that there may be more to come from Erin and Corbijn  and co.   I can not imagine what they might get involved in if they do return.   But I know I will be first in line to buy anymore of the series.

Untouchable Beauty (The Cubi #1) by Meraki P. Lyhne

My Review
Great story in a interesting world and cultureI have really enjoyed both books in this series. The author has built a great world and culture, and you learn about both as the main character does. Slaves can have a pretty good life so long as they don’t cross the line, As Danial witnesses one slave being punished.

Great descriptions and characters, always want to turn the page and find out more about the world and its people. 

Debt By K.C. Wells

My review 

Oh Wow. The characters are so real that I thought I was there right in the centre of the Brothel (or was that a dream lol). KC Wells beautifully introduces us to Mitch and Nikko, both complicated men in a nice smooth flow. And the story unfolds smoothly too, at just the right pace. From their very first meeting at the Brothel, which Mitch only went along with by being pushed by a work colleague. He doesn’t do casual encounters normally. But once he spends time with Nikko, something quirks his attention, and he has a sneaky suspicion that all is not as it seems, concerning Nikko. Mitch sets off on a mission to find out what is going on. But nothing can prepare him for what he learns, and a domino effect that happens. 

I was Glued to the book page after page, I wanted to know what would happen to poor Nikko.